Diversifying your Social Media Content

Social media is what some would call the “cool kids” on the block! Everyone knows them and everyone wants to be around them! For many, the time spent scrolling through timelines and newsfeeds is probably more than they spend with their own friends and family. So how do you create a strong “friendship” with your followers and fans? Diversification!

Here are three important reasons why diversifying your content can help you perform better on social media:


No One Likes an “I” Person

We all have that friend, you know the one who just loves talking about themselves. You go out for dinner and spend the evening listening to them ramble on about their new job, new love, new cat….You think they could take two minutes to ask how your life is going? Well no, that would take too much attention off of them! The same goes for your social media pages, your followers don’t want to just hear about you and your business. Yes, it is true that your followers are likely interested in your business if they are following your page but it doesn’t necessarily mean they want endless posts about you, you and more you! Try less “look at us” and more “wow, cool, awesome” content please!


Helping Others is Never a Bad Thing

Okay so you’ve taken the attention off yourself but now what do you talk about? You know that friend in your group that is willing to go the extra mile for everyone, never putting themselves first because they would rather see their friends happy? You may want to try that! Try to take the time to mix in content that will help your followers and teach them something new. Cosmetic brand? Try weekly tricks and tips. Car dealership? What about some DIY maintenance lessons? Because really, who doesn’t love a little help now and then! You’ll be amazed at how engaged and thankful your followers will be after a post that offers them something new and refreshing that they can do on their own (or just to save them a little time in their life!).


Trust and Honesty goes a Long Way 

Helping your followers not only keeps them happy and shows them that your willing to go that extra mile to help them in some areas but it creates a trustful and honest relationship. How do you decide which renovation company you’re going to use for your home? I’m sure it won’t be the one that is more focused on taking your money, right? You’ll be much more willing to use the service of the company who talks to you like a friend, who let’s you in on ways to save money with some DIY tips or keeps you up to date on what is happening in the industry. Be the one everyone can trust!

One final point: diversification doesn’t mean you should avoid talking about yourself (or company) all together because this is what social media is all about, giving people the chance to get to know who you are. Just remember to mix it up to keep them wanting more.

Now go make some new friends! 😉