A Short Guide to Social Networks Part II: The Visionaries

Now that you know all about the three classic social media platforms, here is some more information about Instagram and Pinterest, the popular pictoral platforms – namely with your younger clientele.

Instagram, New & Fresh

Instagram is a little like Facebook for your younger consumers. Launched in 2010, the application became the most downloaded app in 24 hours following its launch. And its popularity is undeniable with over 200 million active users each month!

Take advantage of image editing tools
offered by the application that allows you to capture, edit, and instantly distribute pictures of your products or even of your team. Add some hashtags for your potential customers and ultimately set trends that will encourage your followers to use them themselves.

Pinterest, Creative Hoarding

Pinterest is a social networking platform that works as a cross between a traditional and digital bulletin board or online pinboard that advertises your products to a large customer base, who can in turn bookmark them and share them with their own network.

A sustained presence on Pinterest naturally leads consumers to your website, increases your SEO, and consolidates your online presence!

There you have it! After this overview of the main social networks, you can now take advantage of them fully; your social media presence is now in your hands! Grab hold of the multiple opportunities to “connect” with your consumers through the power of social networking and position yourself as a reference in your industry. Don’t wait! Contact us to know more or to chat with one of our experts.