A Day at Think Auto with Consultant Auto: “The Car Buyer’s Journey”

Last Thursday, the Consultant Auto team and a delegation of more than 15 of its Canadian clients had the privilege of attending one of the year’s most important auto industry conferences: Think Auto 2016.

Organized for the last ten years in Canada by Google, this conference took place at Toronto’s historic Massey Hall, where participants learned about the latest data and trends in digital marketing for the automotive sector.

Think Auto 2016

The kickoff address was given by Sam Sebastian, president of Google Canada, on the theme of optimism. In it, he encouraged auto manufacturers and dealers to be trailblazers in their industry’s digital transformation, a change that’s more necessary than ever as customers become increasingly informed and market-savvy when it comes to purchasing vehicles.


With an impressive array of data presented, it was possible to show that one out of three vehicle owners is actively considering a purchasing a new vehicle, hence the need for auto dealers to stay constantly active and vigilant in the digital landscape. At the same time, however, customer loyalty cannot simply be taken for granted, when only one fourth of consumers showed it – and improving these numbers will be no small challenge!


Always on

Loyalty Struggle


As the internet has become indispensable to our daily lives, its growth in recent years has also resulted in a diversification of consumer-focused platforms: mobile devices and tablets, for example, present many opportunities, but can also pose significant challenges down the line if they are not properly implemented. An unpleasant mobile experience or a site that’s too slow can easily turn a promising Google search into a missed sales opportunity.


Internet Imperative

Cross-Device Reality


In short, it was a successful and well-attended conference in which we were able to learn about the official launch of Google’s in-store conversion tracking after a successful run of beta testing in the U.S., which included a sufficient sample size in Canada. As we saw for ourselves, the chance of success multiplies greatly when both traditional and data-driven marketing strategies are employed in tandem.

Digital multiplier


With so many stats that illustrate facts, the proof is clearly in the pudding ! No dealer can afford to undermine the importance of digital marketing strategies including video in the uplift they can  provide.

To learn more, please contact us and as a certified Google Premier Partner agency, we will make a point of presenting a tailored suite of solutions, recommendations and execute them in a timely fashion allowing you to increase your vehicle sales.