360.Partners – Our Champions Are Ready to Win with New Colours in 2019!

The Club de Vélo 360 is ready to begin 2019 with its new champions and will proudly wear new suits!

The Club de Vélo 360 is ready to begin 2019 with its new champions and will proudly wear new suits!

After a successful 2018 season and for the fourth year in a row, the team returns with new riders who promise to spark on the road!

At 360.Agency, teamwork, self-improvement, real camaraderie and performance are the core values ​​that motivate us. Thanks to this collective effort and the complicity of Club de Vélo 360 team,the 2018 season has been successful! Victories that we also attribute to the quality of our equipment, which we owe in part to Cycles Régis, a reference brand in cycling for more than 15 years.

Back to 2018

15 podiums in Master Category, 3 in Senior Category and 2 in Pro-Elite Category.

1 victory at the prestigious Mardis Cyclistes of Lachine in front of the Canadian champion and professional runner Antoine Duchesne.

 Omnipresence on social networks where the team page currently generates more than 3000 interactions per month.

Our biggest pride? The team’s participation in the fundraising held by Pierre Lavoie and 911 Challenges that help the Club des Petits Déjeuners. At the end of the race? $55,000 raised!

Our partners supported a team of 28 runners who gave us an amazing visibility beyond the borders of Quebec.

Focus on 2019

For this new season, big news are on the program!

New champions, the riders of the famous “Trek” team and his top trackers join our ranks! The merger of the two teams, in addition to the arrival of other quality recruits, puts us clearly at the front of the pack!

New colours for our champions! This year, the suits of the Club de Vélo 360 are getting a brand new look. We keep the yellow fluorescent accessories that make us easily recognizable in a crowd of runners, and we change everything else.

 Our numerous sponsors are showing their confidence and are once again committed to our side! Thanks to Desjardins Capital, Rogers, Trek, BCF Avocats D’affaires, Krono, Siboire Microbrasserie, Banque Nationale, Écolo Auto, Fidelitix, Humanify 360, Julbo et Point S will be with us once again for our race to victory!

New sponsors are joining the team this year! Thanks to Axium, Mac Metal et Kijiji!

Thanks to our sponsors and our champions, we are starting the season with new goals and the desire to go even further! Formed in 2016 in a spirit of camaraderie and surpassing oneself, the Club de Vélo 360 ​​aims for the success of the team before personal success. A sports philosophy that assures us a 2019 season crowned with many successes!

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