Informatus – Year End Party

The night at a glance

Evening schedule

4:00 PM: ? Opening of the gates and welcome cocktail 

5:00 PM: ? Let’s get this party started!!! Activities are starting now! 

7:00 PM: ? Restaurant cars, bar and photo booth are opening 

8:00 PM: ? Oil up your joints! We’re dancing in front of the rock show! 

10:00 PM: ? DJ Kaspere 

11:00 PM: ⚠️ Last call for the bar 

11:30 PM: ❄️ End of the event (Thanks for coming! See you next year!) 

Team building Game Rules

Game 1 : Pen Leviosa

Work as a team to make the marker levitate!

Setup: Place the sheet of paper with the phoenix on it and the marker at the centre of the table.

Your mission: All participants hold a string tied to the marker. Work together to complete the drawing!

Objective: Connect all the dots to complete the drawing of the phoenix as quickly as possible. 

Points are awarded based on speed and quality of the drawing.

Game 2 : Enigmatus

Logic, mathematics, general knowledge, strategy, observation… Put your strengths to work for the benefit of your team.
1- Put your phone in the middle of the table. You think we didn’t see you?
2- Answer the 25 questions correctly. You can work it out any way you want.
3- Write down the mystery question.
4- Be one of the fastest teams to answer it.

Game 3 : Tower Infernalis

As a team, you must build the tallest tower with the objects that have been handed out to you.
But be careful, while your tower must be tall, it also needs to be stable enough to be moved on stage and presented to the judge before the final countdown. Strategy and creativity are required. It’s your time to shine!

This Evening’s Menu


Orange tickets: 2 shooters or 2 soft drinks
Green tickets: 1 cocktail or alcoholic beverage


Mini beef burger.

Coleslaw and homemade whiskey BBQ chips.

Asian Car

General Tao or Pad thaï with vegetables.

Vegetable option available.

Mexico Car

3 mini chicken tacos.

Vegetarian option available.

Special diets: notify the organizer of your special diet.

Got any (decent) pictures to share with everybody?


Location: Le Salon 1861
Address: 550 Richmond Street, Montreal, QC H3J 1V3

Taxi coop: (514) 725-9885

In case of small blisters or cuts, please contact your manager or the organizers. A first aid kit is available. 

Questions on the event?