Web Integrator-Innovation team



360.Agency is looking for a new member to join our innovation team.


As a team member, you will have to develop and maintain new features on our platform, provide support for other development teams, maintain and improve code on existing projects. You should also actively participate in code reviews, write tests, and do quality control. Our team is made up of frontend, backend and UX designers.



  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 (SASS and B.E.M. principles) and native JS (ES6 and more recent, object oriented concepts)
  • Knowledge of responsive integration principles (mobile first)
  • Mastering Git
  • Know how to use debugging tools (Chrome / Firefox DevTools …)
  • Knowing how to call and use an API
  • Know and apply good accessibility and SEO practices
  • Knowing how to document your code (JSDoc …)
  • Master French


    • Basic knowledge of React
    • Knowledge / experience of Git Flow
    • Knowledge of Semantic Versioning and be able to document a wiki, changelog, release notes …)
    • Understand and use build and packaging tools like Webpack and NPM
    • Have experience with testing tools (jest, jasmine …)
    • Experience working in an Agile development environment (Scrum)
    • Be curious, autonomous, open-minded and have a keen interest in new technologies
    • Be collaborative and enjoy working in a team
    • Ability to communicate and popularize ideas and share knowledge with all team members.
    • Being able to give and receive feedback
    • Have the desire to bring new ideas and participate in the reflection
    • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously and with sometimes tight deadlines.
    • Have a strong sense of professionalism.



We offer you a flexible family-like work environment. Each individual is at the heart of our customer service process, and every employee is expected to show some interested in all the products and technical aspects of the company. We value the strengths and talents of the human resources and one can quickly grow within the company. Come meet us and find out for yourself!

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