Results of Think Auto – Back to the Conference

Jean-Philippe Gauthier
 seasoned professional in consumer services and current head of Media Platforms at Google, presented the results of the most recent Think Auto study, which researched the thoughts and actions of over 5,000 Canadians at various stages in their automobile purchasing decision. Known for his cool, self-assured approach, Jean-Philippe Gauthier,   presented the results of the study and also shared with the audience his personal experiences when purchasing a vehicle. “When you think about how we go about buying a car, it’s complicated and often frustrating!” reflected Jean-Philippe Gauthier,  , “But you have access to all of the essential tools to improve every step of the process.

Highlights from the study include:

  • Throughout the purchasing decision customers circle back to four key questions

– When is the right time to buy a vehicle?
– How much is it going to cost me?
– Is this the car that best suits my needs?
– Am I getting a good deal?


  • On average, prospective car buyers test drive 1.4 cars!


Put another way, if a customer takes a test drive, the dealer has a 75% chance of selling a car! Gauthier reminded the audience of the value of a dealer’s new car inventory. Engage your customer by responding to their passion: your vehicle is what they covet, and it’s available for immediate delivery.


Take photos of what you actually have on your lot: customers want to see real photos of the car they are looking to buy


Quebec is lagging behind the rest of Canada and North America when it comes to e-commerce, despite the fact that 41% of customers are using the internet to make their purchase decision. Online price comparisons aren’t just a ‘nice to have’; for the consumer it’s the new reality.

Simply put, dealers that are not incorporating pricing into their online strategy don’t have a competitive advantage.


Don’t hesitate to contact your media director or account manager to leverage the efficiencies of digital marketing through the customer journey.

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