The importance of managing your online reputation

The internet certainly speeds up the communication process. Within seconds we can have access to information about any topic, product or service we desire making the shopping process that much more efficient.

On the other hand, that makes it a lot easier for negative opinions to spread quickly.

It is therefore very important to manage our online reputation by listening to everything that is being said about us on the web. By doing so, we can adjust our practices to better meet the needs and expectations of our current and potential customers.

Monitoring conversations on your page or your account is just one piece of the puzzle. Your company is quoted elsewhere on the web as well, and the most relevant information is often on forums, blogs comment sections. We can always obtain a more accurate picture of our customers’ opinions by using surveys and focus groups, but this information takes time to gather, and you never know if it is truly representative of what is actually going on. Following real-time conversations happening all over the web about your company allows for a more complete and unbiased picture.

The reality is that the majority of consumers do not share their positive or negative experiences with you directly, but they will speak about them on other platforms. It is in monitoring these platforms that we are able to better understand the position of our company and to improve it if appropriate. You can only do this if you are managing your online reputation.

If you are a dealership for example, you are able to know if your service level is satisfactory and if your customers are satisfied with the product you offer. This information is particularly useful, especially if your competitors are not trying to obtain it.

Several companies, including your competitors, often ignore the importance of keeping an eye on their online reputation. By taking the necessary steps not to make the same mistake, you gain a clear competitive advantage.

Consultant Auto 360 is able to monitor your web reputation which allows you to get feedback from your customers in real time. You are then able to react more quickly to negative situations while being proactive in your future strategies.

This dynamic approach is the logical next step after gaining a presence on social media. By itself, this presence is not enough. We must be attentive to the reactions it generates and take advantage of the feedback.

Do not miss this chance to gain a significant competitive advantage and contact 360.Agency now.