SEO: Understanding the impact of the Google helpful content update


In September 2022, Google updated the way in which the content of a website impacts its ranking on the search engine. The main change is an algorithm that now tries to identify low-quality content, deemed useless, to penalize it. But the opposite is also true! In return, content judged to be relevant to users is now more rewarded for its usefulness. The SEO experts at the automotive content marketing agency NetMedia 360 suggest different ways to optimize your content strategy


Of course, your goal is to optimize your SEO ranking. But is your content strategy aligned accordingly? Start by asking yourself these questions to judge the usefulness of your content following the update:

    • Does your website have a primary purpose? 
    • Does your content clearly demonstrate expertise and knowledge that makes you a reference?
    • Will a user reading your content feel like they’ve had a positive experience?

As NetMedia 360’s General Manager and SEO specialist Charles Jolicoeur explains in his information capsule, your expertise as a dealer is very specific, and your content must showcase it. Here are a few tips to help you create content that Google will find useful to users:

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