Recruiting qualified personnel: Sell your business right!

When looking for qualified resources, take advantage of the interview process to showcase your company and let professional candidates know the benefits of working with your team.

In truth, this first meeting has two functions: on one hand, it helps you evaluate candidates, but on the other hand, it also helps raise awareness about your organization’s values among sought-after candidates. The professionalism with which you evaluate candidates is a reflection of your company’s integrity; something that each one will remember, even if they aren’t hired.

Create a unique experience for every candidate

During the hiring process, it’s important to create an experience for each candidate and shape how they’ll perceive your company. As an employer, you are also a head hunter; you must thus be ready to be evaluated by the candidates you most want to hire.

These days, qualified professionals are “shopping” for their next job and will evaluate every aspect before making a choice. Much like how you “shop” for a vacation. Do you read reviews of other travellers before booking your air travel and hotel? Of course! This practice is now becoming more common with candidates searching for new job opportunities. In fact, websites like allow employees and interview candidates to publicly share their experience with specific companies.

Be professional during the hiring process

A lack of professionalism during the hiring process could compel potential candidates to:

  • Withdraw their candidacy
  • Remove themselves from the selection process or refuse to participate in evaluations
  • Share their negative experience with other candidates and dissuade them from applying
  • Lose confidence in your company’s products and services

Also, during the process, be realistic about the position’s roles and responsibilities to ensure your future employee’s satisfaction and sense of belonging. Don’t make false promises: simply ask yourself why you enjoy working for your company and share that passion with interview candidates. Ultimately, if your desired candidate starts to dream about your joining your team, he or she will be more engaged in the selection process and want to be thoroughly evaluated.

Now go out and recruit!