Interview with Jean-Laurent Lévesque – We are Dealer Centric

Jean-Laurent Lévesque
Vice-President, Sales
There is a reason why we are dealer-centric!
There is a reason why
we are dealer-centric!

 If it’s true that all the providers provide a service to the dealerships, a very few of them provides a service inside the dealership itself. I believe and I’m convinced that the business is evolving very fast. I know that things can happen quickly in a dealership. We want to be there. It’s important for my seller to be involved in the dealership environment, because that’s really where the business happens.

If you have a relationship with a dealership that’s only distant, most of the time that relation will be with a key person, like the decision maker. In many cases, that decision maker isn’t actually the user. But isn’t the user actually the one that can make things successful? We believe that being in the dealerships and having some involvement with some of the main players or the users is highly effective. We build relationships that way. If something shows up, you’re just come and the sales manager says, “hey, by the way, I’ve had a question for a couple of days. I didn’t call, but since you’re here…”. Then, they’re able to ask for assistance or questions and we’re able to give them the proper help because we’re part of their culture.

Even if we’re not in the dealerships every day, we are part of the dealership environment. We understand the strengths and the improvements areas because I bring in a lot of dealership knowledge about the best practices to adopt. What worked in a dealership two or three years ago may not work today. The key is about being adaptive. There are a lot of changes coming into the car-selling world, into e-commerce, its position on the market and the sellers role. Mostly, I would say that the consumer expectation is changing with the sellers.