Interview with Marc-André Allaire – Why Use an Advertising Agency

Marc-André Allaire
Media Director
Why use an advertising agency?
Why use an
advertising agency?

For the knowledge, the influx of novelties that the advertising agency will have regarding to a single person. But also for the durability.



For a dealer, doing business with an agency guarantee the durability over time, compared to the investment he makes.

It’s different with having someone from the inside who takes care of it. This person can do a nice job and make beautiful things for a while. But keeping this person on the lookout, or just simply keep it, that’s a real challenge. We know that in this market, everybody gets in demand and can disappear. With an agency, we have the guarantee that it will be able to take care of us in the long term.


There is another benefit: we are partners with our main suppliers like Google or Facebook, so we have access to a large rank of services, information, constant monitoring and coaching, which enable people to have accounts followed really closely. In the case you hire someone intern to your business, even if you trust her you don’t always get the insurance that advertising will be maximized as efficiently.

Why call 360.Agency ?

People choose us because of the reputation that we bring results to our customers. It’s definitely plays a role in the choice of the supplier, because we always want to choose the agency or the company which will bring us the highest result. With the reputation we have, people choose 360. Agency over other agencies.

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