Are you familiar with digital display?

When it comes to introducing consumers to your brand, you’re probably already familiar with digital advertising and billboards. But did you know there’s a middle ground? Digital display combines the iconic flexibility of programmatic advertising with traditional billboard advertising to deliver your message to the right audience based on predefined criteria.

The advantage of digital display is its wide reach and recall frequency in addition to the high credibility it brings to your dealership. And it’s very easy to integrate with your other media to build an omnichannel campaign! In fact, with the help of 360.Agency member Fidelitix programmatic agency, you may now have access to this more affordable medium than traditional display.

In this Broadsign article, discover all the benefits of digital display and how it may help you amplify the reach of your campaigns!

DOOH with Fidelitix

How to take advantage of it?

As part of the 360.RDV advertising event held on June 7, 2022, Patrick Tapp, General Manager of Fidelitix, wanted to share with the attending dealers some tactics and tips to take advantage of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) in clever ways. For example, with the new advertising space available in more than 95 Shell gas stations in Quebec, you could get a message out about electric vehicles while the consumer is witnessing the rising price of their gas bill!

About Fidelitix

Fidelitix is your business partner specializing in programmatic digital advertising that helps you target your potential and existing customers and optimize your return on investment.

With an impressive array of different media tailored to your goals, here are some of the services the agency offers:

    • Awareness campaigns
    • Dynamic retargeting
    • Targeted campaigns by audience
    • Behavioural segmentation 
    • Paid search campaigns (SEM)
    • Audio campaigns on Spotify 
    • Video advertising and connected TV
Optimize your ROI with Fidelitix, the agency specialized in programmatic advertising