CRM 360 – The 3 Favorite CRM 360 Features of Our Clients

The 3 Favorite CRM 360 Features of Our Clients

Following the deployment of the new CRM Pro 360 Next Gen platform last summer, we wanted to gather feedback on our users’ favorite features.
In addition to the brand-new dashboard that allows them to instantly access key performance indicators for their dealership or immediate synchronization with DESKING 360 to save time on all submissions, here are the top 3 favorite features of our CRM Pro 360 clients:

1. Consolidation of Dealership Group Contacts:

  • DMS identifiers, transactions, vehicles, and SHOWROOM 360 access from various dealerships are centralized.
  • Direct creation of opportunities from contacts is possible.
  • Add tags to your contacts to target customers with relevant marketing campaigns.

2- Delivery Dashboard – Track Your Team’s Results Directly in CRM 360!

  • Set delivery goals for your teams.
  • Instant and automated updates of opportunity data from your CRM 360.
  • Simplified access to sales details and all information, regardless of its status.
  • Improved tracking of ongoing opportunities by your salespeople for a better customer experience.

3. Customization of Your Opportunity Dashboard:

  • Display or rearrange columns in your opportunity dashboard according to your needs and preferences.
  • Precisely and efficiently filter your information using advanced search systems.
  • Create or select your favorite report templates.

CRM Pro 360 combines all the digital solutions you need
to effectively manage your customer relations in a vehicle dealership.

CRM pro innovation

Meets your needs:

  • BDC management
  • showroom
  • quotes
  • marketing campaigns
  • task automation
  • reporting system
  • synchronized data 

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