COVID-19 Update

Dear Client, 

The last few days have certainly changed our daily lives. The events related to the management of the COVID-19 crisis lead us to question the next steps that we will face. Consumers will undoubtedly adapt their purchasing behaviour, making your digital platforms and communication management software essential.

I want to reassure you that we are taking all necessary means to ensure business continuity, all while keeping the health of our employees a priority. We do not foresee any significant impact on our ability to be able to support you and / or deliver your ongoing projects.

Consumers are still present online:

With the help of our systems and analytical data, we have evaluated the trend of the past number of days and we can provide you with an overview of the trends, compared to last week: 

      • Decrease of up to 20% in online requests on Thursday, March 12th and Friday, March 13th, in the wake of the announcement of preventative measures.
      • Internet requests for Saturday, March 14th and Sunday, March 15th were stable in Western Canada and slightly down (around 10%) in Quebec and Ontario. 
      • Traffic on our dealers’ websites is down slightly by less than 10% across the country. 

We can predict that as isolation recommendations become more widespread, consumers will increasingly fall back on the internet to meet their entertainment and shopping needs. Make sure you put in place rigorous follow-up processes for your customers, as this could prove profitable after the COVID-19 crisis. 

For any questions, your Account Manager or your Territory Manager will be happy to assist you. We will stay in regular contact to keep you informed of market developments or the situation at 360.Agency. 



Louis-Yves Cloutier 
CEO and President