CONSULTING 360 Client Testimonials


CONSULTING 360 experts offer you daily support to achieve and even exceed your business objectives, improve your customer relationships, and train your teams in best industry practices. Our experts help you to get ahead of your competitors and take the lead in the race. Here’s what our clients have to say:


Consultants know how to make themselves accessible at all times and understand our realities. They are always positive; it’s encouraging to work with them!

Simon Richard - Sales Director
360.Agency - Accura Brossard
logo groupe Racine-blanc

At Racine, consultant support is essential for the group’s success. The consultants succeed in instilling collaboration between various departments, which helps us achieve our objectives. They are there to coach us through more difficult situations or moments, but they also highlight our successes! 

Sabrina Gilbert - Specialist
Customer Communication

Thank you to the consultants for their help during this year. Their passion is reflected in the entire team, and I consider them to be an integral part of the success we have had this year. With all the tools we now have in hand, I can’t wait to see our results for the next few years!

360.Agency - Bilodeau
360.Agency - Lallier

They have given us tools and advice that are and will be very useful to accomplish our work. The consultants are attentive, and I appreciate their motivation to want to help us evolve in our positions. Personally, I noticed that their tools and information have helped me improve immensely! No complaints about their availability, or remote support. Thank you for your support!

Jessica Leroux - Team Leader

The consultants’ support and training were key resources for our entire specialist team. In particular, their attention to the details of our work, our strengths and weaknesses helped us to improve. They know how to adjust their approach to employees to enable effective training. They are always available to answer questions even from a distance or to make changes to opportunities when necessary. I am very satisfied by what they do for us! 

Rachel Lalonde - Specialist Customer Experience
360.Agency - Groupe Autoforce
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