360.RDV: the first edition of our event dedicated to advertising

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On June 7, 2022, our first 360.RDV event took place: a conference day dedicated exclusively to advertising and to the latest marketing trends. The goal: for automotive dealerships to maximize the ROI of their advertising strategies. The perfect opportunity for our clients to meet different advertising experts at 360.Agency (community managers, SEO specialists, media directors, sales managers, etc.) and discuss strategy.

In order to get an overall picture of the future of automotive advertising and to gather the best tips and tricks, we invited guest speakers from Google, IAB Canada and 360.Agency subsidiaries to share their latest insights. Here’s an overview of the event :

1 Presentation of the PERSONA 360 concept, 360.Agency’s unique strategy for customizing media plans by Carine Masse, VP Advertising Operations at 360.Agency.

2 Update on the latest shopping journey data and emerging trends by Mathew Growden, Google Canada Auto Retail Team Member.

3 The current state of digital advertising in Canada by Sonia Carreno, President of IAB Canada.

4 Optimizing your content strategy for your SEO, by Charles Jolicoeur, Director and Co-Founder of NETMEDIA 360, the press agency specialized in automotive journalism.

360.RDV Conference room
360.RDV Conference room

5 How dealers may benefit from unconventional platforms, by Patrick Tapp, Managing Director of Fidelitix, the agency specializing in retargeting and programmatic advertising.

6 Maximizing the reach of your message with good design, by Matthew Ho and Melissa Hilaire, members of the Marketing Solutions department at 360.

7 What dealers may do to adapt and stay relevant to consumers, by Louis-Yves, CEO and President of 360.Agency.

Carine Masse
VP Advertising Operations at 360.Agency
Mathew Growden
Google Canada Auto Retail Team Member
Sonia Carreno
President of IAB Canada
Matthew Ho
Marketing Solutions Manager

To conclude this afternoon of inspiring lectures, our clients got to access a happy hour on the rooftop terrace of the Monville Hotel, accompanied by a cocktail reception and an oyster bar!

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